Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spotted: A Missing Marketing Medium in Lebanon

We have had our ears pierced by radio ads, our eyes filled with tv ads;  we have endured polluted streets with outdoor ads, have suffered from junk emails and SMS (yes, it is a marketeer talking here). 

...But believe it or not, there's actually a marketing medium that has not been milked in Lebanon.

I have looked everywhere, asked everyone and even contacted some companies that use the medium themselves, but to no avail. Can you guess what it is?

Consider a business to business firm with a data wealth like no other. Each customer data file contains... let's see... a phone (telemarketing), an email (mass emailing), a mobile phone (SMS marketing), a fax number (JACKPOT!). 

There it was, the one single unexploited medium.. and for a good reason. There's absolutely no such service as fax marketing in Lebanon! It obviously exists elsewhere. It exists in Canada, in the US, in Europe... Hell, they even had to use legislation to regulate it! 

Yet, not only was I unable to find a single service provider in Lebanon, none of the online ones abroad were ready to service Lebanon. 

Now, there are other ways to do fax marketing (like fax softwares and fax machines' broadcasting feature), yet you'd have to kill your fax line with overload if you go anywhere over 100 faxes (trust me, I tried.)  Otherwise, there will always be the good old fashioned way... the manual one.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In-App Advertising | A Striking Ad

Far from being an expert in the in-app advertising field, I am writing to share one striking in-app ad occurrence. 

Do I believe that in-app advertising is effective? 

The same applies to any advertising medium, it is impossible to make a general statement. 
The variables that come into play as to the success of in-app advertising are endless. 

Yet... They Made Me Click!

 I rarely ever notice in-app ads. They're usually in a covert 'discarded' part of the screen; at least that's what my brain is trained to think. 

Those ads were different. 

Somehow, they mimicked familiar images, brands and colors (copyrighting, anyone?). 

As a new user of this application, I did not know what was part of the design... and so I clicked. 

When it comes to in-app ads, you know you have clicked the wrong button, as soon as you get redirected!

...and so I clicked, and did not wait to see the brand behind the ad.  

To date, I am not quite sure whether the advertiser was genius for making me click or foolish for not benefiting from any exposure.
...and I cannot help but wonder if other people act differently in similar situations. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Compliance with Reality

Does anyone else feels that, as we grow older, we have less and less time to contemplate over meaningful thoughts? 
(No, I am not THAT old!)
I wrote this back in 2007, before I had even started this blog... which, consequently, meant I did not have a proper place to share it:

Your environment gives you clues as to where you position yourself. 

Following queues is only a means for cognitive shortcuts, a way to avoid wasting meaningful time on meaningless thoughts. However, sometimes it is the only way you can discern truth from lies.

Understanding is not necessarily done by digits and complex calculations. 

It is not made obvious by intriguing systems. 

A company’s health cannot be read in its income statement. 

Money gives you power but success does not come with influence, it comes with the capacity to efficiently exercise it.

I have come to realize what builds you up and places you on top of your industry is not the investment you generate. 

It is rather your resourcefulness and capacity to turn this investment into returns. 

Even better, it is not the return in itself that makes the difference, but people’s faith that you are capable of generating it that triggers its occurrence.

When you witness that your efforts are categorically copied, when your competitors avoid being confronted to you and when your employee's word ways heavy by simply citing their affiliation, you recognize the attestation of your leadership.

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