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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Advertising Taboo

security marketing

To celebrate Zod Security's 30 years' anniversary, this advertisement was supposed to be displayed outdoors on the streets of Beirut.

However, it was judged too controversial to actually be used.

After many trials to come up with a perfect advertisement capable to generate word of mouth and yet fit within the company's brand identity, we came up with this (see picture). It was just right, or so we thought.

"Trust in Zod, God is busy".

Zod Security was the second best option to God when it comes to protection. A great message to communicate the upscale image and the incontestable quality of its equipments in a few words.

However, the marketing campaign fell victim to society's norms.

First of all, God is a subject that is dangerous to tackle in the Middle East, as it can easily generate magnified reactions. Things could easily get out of hands. It is a risk one would be taking.
Second, This was to be printed during a hectic period in the Lebanese history. It was a time when explosions were abounding on the streets. Could the public be offended by this message in such times of crisis?

The decision was taken.... The project was put on hold.

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