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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lord of the Wings

...So I am in love with this concept!
A new restaurant opened in Lebanon, a special fast food chain. They called it "Lord of the Wings", sounds like "Lord of the Rings" and it is intended to. Great catchy name created to grasp the young target audience.
First opened in a trendy street in Beirut where pubs abound, now in a mall. The name says it all! They serve chicken wings with different flavors! The only other choice would be a burger... could they have done anything more cost-effective?!... and talk about differentiation and specialization, they're right on track!

But let me tell you what else they did right: a keen attention to details.
  • The menu is handed in on a sheet for the customer to fill; definitely makes you want to tick more than one box! i.e. more sales.
  • The chicken wings are served with gloves and wet wipes in a well-presented basket. What's more is an additional glove, which you might take for a mistake; but make no assumptions, they're only considering your needs in case yours got ripped.
  • You know what else they correctly anticipated? Customer behavior! The first thing a customer seems to ask is which flavor is which plate. Only to notice a small tag on each. well-sought!
  • Add to this a friendly staff and free-refill for your soft drinks...

I bow down to the Lord. The Lord of the Wings!


Anonymous said...

interesting article.. we could even add a couple of comments on supply for the menu. Ticked boxes = easier and faster to read = faster order management = faster service... combined with the higher sales from box ticking... nice.
a small question intrigues me... do you have KFC in beirut ? if yes (which I suspect), where is the nearest one compared to the lord of the wings ?

I'm keen on seeing your articles when you start work soon, there will probably be some catchy marketing stuff to detect in that !

Unknown said...

Hey Marc!
Thanks for your feedback on this post. You sure have a point...
I just realized I left a question unanswered here. KFC has a different target market, as Lord of the wings is more service oriented, and is not a self-service restaurant.
Anyway, I hope you're doing great!

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