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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Feminist Call

I used to think the only thing that stood in my way of climbing the corporate ladder was my age. I often thought I could do things better than many positioned above me. Ego? Maybe.

I was reassured when a teacher who now has her own firm complained that she was never taken seriously at a young age. She said things change when you become in your mid-30s and this comforted me, although I still had a lot to wait.

However, I was destroyed when I found myself in a multinational in France, at Siemens PTD, and saw that the higher positions were not only occupied by older people, but they were also, in their totality, dominated by males. "Dominated" does not even give the distribution justice. It leaves us to assume that there's a minority of feminine presence; which until today, I still have not detected. With less than 1% of its senior level workforce female, Siemens PTD Grenoble is far from believing in gender equality. What's more is that merely 18% of its total workforce is female...


Jingo said...

Dear member of the human race, i welcome you to this never ending "vicious cycle of life". You walk amongst giants now, you're living in a world where your arms are constantly stretched out to the sky and your head is tirelessly held up high hoping you'd catch a better tomorrow.
But from the point of view of these giants, you look just like a pampered little baby, who wants to be picked up and be given everything he desires.

Don't lose yourself out there Um, climb at your own pace and show us what sort of a giant you'll become one day.

Unknown said...

"dear member of the human race" thank you for your lovely comment. I was just reviewing my older posts and stumbled upon it. You have your way with words!

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