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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Google, eBay and Microsoft jump into cost-per-action sales

2008- the digital world was met with an escalating interest in pay-per-action advertising modules. The Internet big names are fighting for the web dollars. Google, eBay and Microsoft all embarked in this challenge. The news created shock-waves that promised to change the online advertising industry for good.
By the end of the year Google had retreated from it's pay-per-action plan while it was still in its betta version. Two "substitute" programs were introduced; none that equates or nearly replaces the initial plan.
Did they meet with failure? Perhaps, an obstacle that the world's top search engine was not able to defy? or were they scared to hamper or impede their current stable advertising revenue? Surely, shaking the industry in which you're on top could generate some odd repercussions on your company; had this risk suddenly come to surface?
The race is still on, as the cost-per-action plan is yet to reach utmost optimization and conquer the web. My say is: this is the future.

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