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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Industry of Information

In digital marketing, we often emphasize the need for online Public Relations. This can be done in different and various ways. One of the most common being the creation of press releases. I had, for a while, randomly added online press releases to give more visibility for my brand and website, without ever questioning the motives or business model of these portals that permit the publication of my work.
Of course, a contact is always required. There! They got a database, and then I started receiving promotional materials in my name. Test. Changed my title on these online portals. Bingo! There was their source. Did they intentionally make a living out of selling our contact information? It is not clear to me. However, I do know that those direct marketing gurus are getting my contact from the internet.
What I had never realized crossed me yesterday night, as I was investigating open local job positions., one of those portals, was looking for a data analyst. What for? To investigate and analyze the data provided to the benefit of firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton and Merill Lynch. They were in the business of selling up-to-date market information, which, us marketers, willingly offer them.
Brilliant! It seemed clear now that they needed us as much as we needed them, and what's wrong with a win-win relationship after all?

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