Monday, June 1, 2009

The Paradigm of Marketing

What is marketing? Definitions abound. I will not go into the details of the interpretations and the different schools and references. However, I can tell you what marketing is not; and that is Advertising. Not to say that advertising is not part of marketing but marketing, contrary to popular belief, is not restricted to advertising.

Why am I making this point? Simple.

My knowledge in marketing gave me insights into entrepreneurship. I truly believe that every entrepreneur should take marketing courses before venturing into risks beyond his capability. Again, you may ask, why? Here's the scoop.

Be it a service or a product, marketing teaches us the art of introducing, implementing and raising our offerings, of knowing the market, creating needs and satisfying them. Marketing is all about understanding the customer and the theories revolving around the market. Thus, to me, marketing is entrepreneurship at a micro scale. What applies to a product can definitely apply to a set of products, not collectively, but individually.

Everything else in organizations can be mathematically calculated, but marketing takes intuition, it takes comprehension of the global view. One should not fall into the bulk of information available at his grasp, he should know where to look and what to seek, what lens to create and how to get the customer to see through it.

This is the art of marketing, the way I know it. Whoever thinks that marketing is narrow, fails to see the big picture. At the risk of sounding too general, I dare to state that business is all about marketing, and everything corporate , beyond operational, revolves around it.

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