Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outdoor Advertising Trend in Lebanon

What's up with advertising copy cats in Lebanon? As soon as one advertisement catches on, the whole advertising industry follows its footsteps.

Can someone PLEASE explain to me what's the message behind a fashionable woman shopping for ... groceries?!

We have seen it for Eatalian ("fashionable modern cuisine", is it?), C & F (perfumes and cosmetics) with the message "live out loud", and for yet another Italian fashion brand *which name I cannot recall* (the unipole was located around Sin el Fil- Baouchrieh).

Did anyone else pick this trend up?

outdoor ad lebanon
outdoor advertising trend

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marketing Magazine Subscriptions

magazine marketingmarketing strategy

marketing magazine

marketing magazine

Question: How many subscription vouchers can you find in one single copy of Harvard Business Review?

Answer: 4!

Yes, 4 very different designs of subscription coupons; targeted at different types of readers.

Only, as a reader, I ended up with the four coupons in my hand puzzled about which one to fill! At the end of the day it's the same message phrased differently to appeal to as many people as possible...

Which one would you go for?
  • Self development
  • Direct marketing
  • Invitation letter
  • Online incentive

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Digital Makreting (follow-up)

This is a quick follow up to my previous Makreting keyword post.

I eventually managed to rank first for "digital makreting" on Google results. Unfortunately when it becomes a 2 words search Google automatically corrects your search from "digital makreting" into "digital marketing", making my previous effort in makreting vain.

Well, ranking first for a two worded search such as "digital makreting" is way easier than for a single word such as "makreting", and apparently whatever word I add to makreting, Google manages to correct my makreting misspelled entry.

*defeatist attitude*

Digital Makreting

Makreting your website online might not be as easy as one might expect. Digital makreting in particular, being accessible to everyone and anyone can be a quite competitive makreting practice.

I apologize beforehand for experimenting with " makreting " at your expense.

I have come to notice that the highest ranking keywords (for my blog) showing up in search results are the ones I spell wrong. Makreting being the main theme my blog posts revolve around, I have decided to intentionally misspell the word makreting and constantly repeat it in this text in order to conclude whether this makreting spelling will bring higher viewership to my blog.

Yes, I am using you to experiment with "makreting" , and if you are here, it means this might just be working. Well, in order to accurately make that conclusion you must have typed "makreting" instead of marketing in your search; which I will eventually verify.

I will publish my makreting results soon and might keep up this trend with keywords, just to get this digital makreting trick right. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emotions' Influence on Business

Reading the Harvard Business Review's January-February 2010 issue, (with a new, seemingly more "interactive format", which I heartily disliked - but maybe I am just being resistant to change), I have come to ponder over human behavior in professional settings.

Subsequent to a research that claims measuring the power of charisma and another that attests to the long term effects of short term emotions both factors seriously damaging decision making, I am left questioning the rational behind business decisions.

The first research assumes that detecting "honest signals" would translate into disregarding the quality of the content of a pitch in favor of the enthusiastic and positive presenter. While the second claims that people are highly affected by their emotions when it comes to taking a decision; and consequently might make a wrong reaction simply because of a previously displayed bad mood.

This brings back to mind the book "Who moved my cheese" and the weaknesses we face as compared to less complex creatures. How dependent are we on our emotional status?

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