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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emotions' Influence on Business

Reading the Harvard Business Review's January-February 2010 issue, (with a new, seemingly more "interactive format", which I heartily disliked - but maybe I am just being resistant to change), I have come to ponder over human behavior in professional settings.

Subsequent to a research that claims measuring the power of charisma and another that attests to the long term effects of short term emotions both factors seriously damaging decision making, I am left questioning the rational behind business decisions.

The first research assumes that detecting "honest signals" would translate into disregarding the quality of the content of a pitch in favor of the enthusiastic and positive presenter. While the second claims that people are highly affected by their emotions when it comes to taking a decision; and consequently might make a wrong reaction simply because of a previously displayed bad mood.

This brings back to mind the book "Who moved my cheese" and the weaknesses we face as compared to less complex creatures. How dependent are we on our emotional status?

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