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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Digital Makreting (follow-up)

This is a quick follow up to my previous Makreting keyword post.

I eventually managed to rank first for "digital makreting" on Google results. Unfortunately when it becomes a 2 words search Google automatically corrects your search from "digital makreting" into "digital marketing", making my previous effort in makreting vain.

Well, ranking first for a two worded search such as "digital makreting" is way easier than for a single word such as "makreting", and apparently whatever word I add to makreting, Google manages to correct my makreting misspelled entry.

*defeatist attitude*


Bassem B. said...

I have no reaction to this other than laughing loudly!

Actually if you enter your multi-word search into Google with quotations around it, it searches for that exact spelling. There may be hope yet to stay first in "digital makreting".

Unknown said...

hehe yes, but very few people would be that desperate to misspell the word ;)

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