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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outdoor Advertising Trend in Lebanon

What's up with advertising copy cats in Lebanon? As soon as one advertisement catches on, the whole advertising industry follows its footsteps.

Can someone PLEASE explain to me what's the message behind a fashionable woman shopping for ... groceries?!

We have seen it for Eatalian ("fashionable modern cuisine", is it?), C & F (perfumes and cosmetics) with the message "live out loud", and for yet another Italian fashion brand *which name I cannot recall* (the unipole was located around Sin el Fil- Baouchrieh).

Did anyone else pick this trend up?

outdoor ad lebanon
outdoor advertising trend

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

2 billboards do not constitute a trend.
Plus regarding the 2 billboards that u showed, each one has a different connotation, thus they are not copy cats:
- For Eatalian: it is a fashionable restaurant and if you go have dinner in it sometime you will see that it does not look like a traditional italian restaurant.
they linked a fashionable restaurant with fashionable cloths (and not vice versa).
-As for C and F, the intend is to promote sensuality. The way the woman is holding the fruit conveys sensualism and exoticness..= C and F makes you hot.
Which is a message targeted for women who are not comfortable with their body. Silly message I admit
But still my point is, this food thing is not a trend

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