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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Consumer Protection in Lebanon

"Honeywell makes no representation or warranties with respect to this product or service" was a statement marked in tiny font, lost inside a bulk of text, at the bottom of a product located in BHV, City Mall. 
consumer protection lebanon

At the sight of a safe branded Honeywell, of a rather poor material quality (made mostly of plastic!!), claiming to be waterproof, fire proof and theft proof at once, I was repelled and went looking for the obvious scam... and there it was.  
consumer protection lebanon
"Honeywell partnered with SISCO, licensing the Honeywell brand name to help the company sell its products in new markets outside North America" as stated on Honeywell's website under a case study on safes within Honeywell's International Property International section.
"Made in China", the Honeywell safe was not much of a Honeywell product aside from its brand name. The license was seemingly sold, allowing the manufacturers to solely use the brand name of Honeywell, without purchasing any know-how or quality standards. 
First of all, we are talking about a known brand name in an industry where most consumers have no knowledge. Second, we are faced with consumer ignorance when it comes to security standards.  Both factors lead buyers to trust a brand name such as Honeywell blindly.
Now, let's talk about consumer protection! Where does the consumer in Lebanon stand from being fooled? Shouldn't such products be reviewed by the Ssyndicate of Security and Safety Professionals in Lebanon before being granted permission to be sold on the Lebanese market? Shouldn't the government react and give power to the syndicate?...

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