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Friday, June 11, 2010

MTV lebanon - Internet Marketing

OK, ok, I need to write this to reprimand one of our local TV stations *takes a deep breath to calm down* I feel offended and cheated by MTV Lebanon.

I apologize had it not been done on purpose, but I think the chances are scarce, given the beneficial marketing results to MTV and traffic this drives to their site. Here's my issue, let me lay it down:

Lebanese are devoted patriots, and I am pissed off, as I feel MTV Lebanon is trying to take advantage of this patriotic feeling to market its newly designed website. Let me explain.

A new group is raging on facebook, quickly gaining popularity among Lebanese, the Save Qadisha Valley group, one that requests the signature of a petition hosted on regarding Qadisha Valley's heritage.
However, instead of linking directly to the petition, the facebook group links to MTV Lebanon's website, which there on, posts a bunch of advertisements of their new offerings and beta version of their website, asking for feedback, with a small link at the bottom to the petition.

So, yes I am annoyed. I am Sorry, but I am angry, as they appear to the ignorant visitors to have pledged their support to the cause, benefiting from the Corporate Social Responsibility effect in the eyes of the Lebanese. I am revolted, as while they appear as an angel of light, they are beneath it all, more like Lucifer, as they take advantage of the people and the otherwise humble cause to add traffic to their website.

While I am fanatic about good successful marketing, especially internet marketing, SEO and social networking, I feel cheated and cannot keep quiet. All my respect to MTV Lebanon for their offerings... but this is just too offensive... I really hope it was not done on purpose.


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