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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diagnosis: Online Existencial Crisis

The digital world - I recall when we used to look up definitions and conduct research in big dusty encyclopedia's, scanning the letters, and trying to figure out the spelling. Not long afterward, we had the Encarta's CD encyclopedia, then came Wikipedia, the open-source encyclopedia. What's left for tomorrow?

Undergoing a course in customer behavior, the instructor asked us to look up a certain product. While, a few years ago, we would have used Google, the teacher was stunned as most students resorted to Youtube instead. I wonder what tools students are using today. Statistics show that Twitter has most recently become the top Search Engine in the world in terms of growth. What does that place all the SEO professionals who were used to channel all their efforts on Google?

The World Wide Web exonerates change, fast and irrevocable change.

No one can let his guards down. Everyone and anyone is "producing", "creating", "informing", can we keep up and "listen" to everything we HAVE to hear? I am loving Google Alerts at this point. However, how long can I keep this trend up? I am not sure.

I keep getting the feeling I am outdated, like a laggard. The reality of it all? Time, already a scarce resource, is becoming harder to find than ever. The real-time effect of technology is a killer, you get so many details in real-time feeds, that are bound to change tomorrow, it is overwhelming to track down all the progress, even of elements of interest. We are getting engulfed in minor details. We are looking at the world through a microscope and categorizing the findings in lists, favorites, bookmarks, as well as on pages like Stumbleupon and Delicious...

How many social profiles are you managing today? Personally, I can count at least 10. The day is already here when they are getting combined in one dashboard, thanks to social management tools made easier with API. What exactly does that mean? To me, it simply means that my privacy is dead, it was already in agony with watchers, followers and friends around on all those social websites.

Today, I, feel the need to take a break and set my eyes on the bigger picture, a vision of the lasting future... Forgive my agony.

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