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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lebanon: SEO | The Importance of SEO | Website SEO in Lebanon

SEO, Lebanon - Memo to the Website Developers:
Please work with SEO in mind. You might be building your website using the latest technology, most advanced graphics and talented developers, copywriters and website artists out there... But if you cannot do website SEO, I don't want to hear about it. At the end of the day, a website without traffic is utterly pointless, SEO is a must.
This is a point I had to clarify while discussing developing a website with a developer. Of course, he had his arguments, and all that was coming out of his mouth about the website was translated into the word "useless" in my head. I soon realized, my SEO knowledge was a joke to him, as at least 20 years separated us. I created 5 seconds of silence, and then firmly cried "what's a theater without an audience!".
Not that he took me any more seriously, he laughed and replied "is that what they taught you at school"? I knew I had a point focusing on SEO, and he finally saw it, yet refused to give me credit...
Well, you know what? I kind of like this quote, it perfectly defines the importance of SEO and I would like to copywrite that! What's a theater without an audience ©youmny


Darine said...

There's a difference between on iste SEO and offsite SEO.
Most developers, that employ web standard already employ basic on-site SEO in their code, such as dynamic page URLs and page title, using alt text for images, tags... Other elements of SEO, can be addressed by copywriters, or the person who is writing the content fro the site. For offsite SEO, I would rather not employ an agency and let me rob me off, you can do these yourself by registering in important industry sites and creating valuable content people would like to link to.

So be specific with your web developers about what kind of SEO you are looking for, they may unknowingly be already employing onsite SEO in their code.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback Darine. I can work on the SEO myself, I just need the developer to provide me with an effective web design. The scripting was inappropriate, there were weakening applets, it was integrated in one page, framed, used picture links, content could not be read by search engines (making content optimizing useless to SEO), no page titles, no individual page links, no breadcrumbs, weak navigation, plus, I could not track the user on the site, thus could not optimize accessibility .. In sum, a marketeer's nightmare!

SEO Singapore said...

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