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Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Instant's Effect on Google's SEO

Google Instant was launched on September 8th, 2010. Aside from saving the Google Instant searches that had already appeared and disabling them from reappearing in subsequent Google results, the algorithm itself that enables Google to index websites has not changed much per se:

Google's "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide" was last updated on November 13th, 2008.

Google Instant does not leave SEO indifferent though. Google SEO professionals are on their guards, as they realize how versatile Google can be. The fear should stem from somewhere else; from the way users will interact with Google thereon. Something, I am certain, not even Google, can predict.

Had the users remained indifferent to Google Instant's suggestions, and the results parading on their screens as they typed, Google Instant would eventually have no effect on SEO. Yet the conflict lies here. Are people likely to change their intended keywords or get distracted with given results before finishing their search terms? I would say yes. Google users behavior shift with Google Instant.

What would change in SEO?

Not much when it comes to ranking high for given keywords. Yet, it would greatly affect users' keyword choice, as keyword suggestions, are bound to offer Google results... instantly. Giving shorter keywords an advantage as to appearing more often than not on the screen before users get distracted with suggestions.

Instead of basing your keyword choice on Google Adword's measures, from now on, you need to consider the probability of another relevant keyword showing up before your terms are typed.

Leaving aside Google's personalized search results, which I would assume only apply to a few search terms of interest, results will be based on general Google probabilies. I am, thus, lead to believe that Google Instant would eventually have a sociological effect, converging search results to the same keywords, and consequently to the same websites... to the same information displayed.

An opportunity for SEO professionals to gain traffic exponentially by optimizing keyword choice?


seo marketing said...

i've tried searching with instant on and off..the results is just the same

Unknown said...

true, the results as per a given keyword will not change. The only difference is whether or not a user will be swayed by the instant results showing up for partial words (i.e. automatic suggestions).

Anonymous said...

No more Misspelled keyword traffic :)

SEO Agency said...

I agree with all that you say here. However, I would like to see Google concentrate on the algorithm of search rather than dabble in so called revolutionary techniques like instants and now mobile instants. Google's John Mueller has come out only this last week and said that the search indexer they use has been corrupt and is being investigated!
Chris Wheeler
SEO Agency

Robert said...

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Jessica Schweizer said...

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Vomail said...

It was interesting to know about the impact of Google Instant on keyword searches. It seems that the best approach in such case would be to focus not just on a single keyword but on other related phrases and synonyms as well. Perhaps hiring expert seo services will make this easier, as they are more experienced in conducting effective keyword research.

Eliza said...

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