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Monday, September 13, 2010

Retail Sales Mental Cues

After a few months in retail, you start categorizing clients judging on first impressions and generating mental cues to better approach each customer. Of course, those mental cues get refined as you find yourself mistaken and adjust your guidelines with time.

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Appearance-based cues: Appearance is often treacherous. Neither trust the luxury car, nor the branded clothes when it comes to a client's potential. Look rather at his language skills, culture and environment's feel to measure his purchasing power.

Conversation-based cues: The client who comes in giving endless information, will exhaust you, and end up buying nothing. Likewise, someone who ends up asking questions about each and every product, just enjoys gaining knowledge. Finally, the person who asks useless information irrelevant of his product use, holds no better potential.

No matter what, the best cues remain the client's interest and attitude, and you might always gain from helping a client regardless, as the best marketing tool will always be word-of-mouth.


Darine said...

A client who wastes your time, may nevertheless recommend your products to someone else. Plus you can never know for sure, so you are obliged to keep your customer service at par.

Unknown said...

That's what the last paragraph was about "word-of-mouth". Yet, it is important to learn the cues. If two customers come in, there's an opportunity cost. You need to know how to invest your time.

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