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Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Facebook Slowing Down?

Facebook is taking over the web. Like buttons are populating the digital world, and there is barely any website you can visit where you cannot find a Facebook icon. True. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook profile by now, and I say “almost” because a few newborns still do not have a page dedicated to them. Great! What next?

Facebook's Fall

Over the last few years, Nielsen has published the Top 10 US Web Brands. When it comes to the average time spent on the site, here is what was featured; the average US user is spending on Facebook:

June 2009 -  4:39 hours/month
January 2010 - 7:01 hours/month

With a 9.7% growth, digital analysts were starting to think that Facebook was unstoppable and was still in for a long haul. In fact, online predictions still seem to share the same vision.

Yet, what’s happening today?

January 2011 – the average US user is spending 7:24:12  hours/ month on Facebook.

A mere 6.6% growth for Facebook, almost at par with Wikipedia’s 6.8% and Google’s 6.0% growth for average time spent. 

My Personal Feedback
I must add, I no longer enjoy this website:
  • Its walls are filled with compliments “thank you”s and “I miss you”s, and it stops at that, but nothing substantial.
  • Its Top News feed displays the posts with the most likes and comments, consequently, if you have a high number of likes, you can be sure that half your Facebook friends have seen this post, and guess what? If they haven’t “liked” it, chances are, they do not.
  • Not to mention that the algorithms tend to only show the people you have interacted with lately; thus, nothing new. Yes, it does get boring, seeing the same faces.
  • Finally, some of its new features are really annoying; like the black background for the pictures; CoolIris was interesting, but only as an added feature, thank you.
To put it boldly, Facebook is no longer as interesting. I predict a decrease in the time spent on the site by next year.


Mohammad Spike Mortada said...

You're absolutely right Youmna; Facebook's development team focuses merely on the technical issues, but the social experience is slowly tending to be obsolete!!

However, they will remain as the monopolists in online social hubbing until competitors like Myspace re-think their strategies and create a real added value.

Time will tell :)

Unknown said...

Who are you? :) It' the second time I click on your profile only to find that it is not public...

Samual said...

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Wassim said...

It's not slowing down, it's reaching a saturation point 7+ hours is a monster figure.

Google may be experiencing a more accelerated growth, but that's because the figure there is more than a third less. So using a % figure to compare to google is somewhat misleading.

You shouldn't have a problem with half your facebook friends seeing your popular posts. They're your friends after all, right? If not, don't add them. You can't complain about the site if you misuse it.

For what it's worth, i don't enjoy Facebook. If i have time to spare, i'd rather waste it twitter

Unknown said...

Wassim, the title is an "attention grabber". It was a question, and not a statement. It was followed by "Facebook is taking over the web" if you pay attention.
It is not Google who is experiencing a more accelerated growth, if you read carefully, it is Wikipedia.
I do not have a problem with half my friends seeing my post, otherwise I wouldn't put it on Facebook in the first place. I am pointing out that a lot of likes are due to the post's presence in the top feeds and not necessarily on it being liked.
...and finally, my statement is that I predict that the time spent will no longer increase i.e. it has reached a saturation point.

Wassim said...


My issue with using growth figures, was that you did so using a closed-end variable: time. If you were talking about user growth, i would have been game, but time spent is obviously going to experience diminishing returns at some point.

Good blog btw. Subscribed

Lipsie is said...

I agree. I quit FB a month ago and was able to profit more from my hours spent on the internet.

Danielle said...

I agree with all of your comments..The new photo format is really slowing down my computer! It takes so much longer to load now..and it's getting to the point where I no longer click on pictures!

And the Facebook alrgorithim is downright messsed up! I miss tons of things from people I value..but there status updates and posts aren't appearing in my feed because I don't interact with them often enough..well here's a thought..maybe I would interact with them more if I could see their bloody posts!!

For now,,Facebook is here to stay..but I have to admit that the only reason I am on it is because the majority of people are on it..but my attentions are spread out evenly, or even more so, elsewhere..

Great post. keep em coming!

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