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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lebanese Online Marketing Strategies

Dear Lebanese, 

 Online marketing is a genuine and inherent part of the marketing strategy. It can be easily measured and help assess the marketing return on investment.

What Lebanese Brands Are Doing
  • Jump into digital marketing blindfolded. 
  • Set up their website, supposedly for marketing purposes, with basic information and beautiful graphics. 
  • They create a Facebook group, upload their logo.
  •  ...and there. Forgotten.
Why It Does Not Work
Why do you want a website in the first place? Is it just to refer your stakeholders for more information? Then you are fine with anything I suppose, right? Wrong. Had you been aware of the powers of the internet, you would change your mind.

Your website could generate traffic, and new customers. Interested? Thought so. Yet you have already created a website with a language that cannot be optimized for search engines. Why? Because you jumped into it without setting a marketing vision. Any regrets now?

...And your Facebook group? You might want to visit from time to time and read the client feedbacks. PS. Spamming your members with messages is the perfect way to lose them. Am I already too late to say this? Congrats, you have ruined your chances with this medium.

Oh and what about other online mediums? ...Ever considered?


Mohammad Spike Mortada said...

YEEEEEESSSSSS, at last someone spoke to those who create facebook groups and fill them with members from all around the world instead of addressing those who actually speak the language or might benefit them in a way or another!!

Have you seen those groups filled with posts for Russian Girls Near You... Hillarious :P

Unknown said...

Nice post, i wanted to post about it before, i guess a a blog is much better from a website, where you can tell stories, get feedback directly...
I think 90 % of the Lebanese companies are not ready yet for the Social Media adventure. Marketing for them is a n ugly billboard and of course sending annoying spam messages.

Unknown said...

Why so offensive?? Hehe

Loved the whole blog, really interesting stuff... :)

stock market said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

I love the aggressive tone :) Very well deserved.

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Mehak Shaikh said...


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