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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Twitter Users Are Better Marketeers

Aside from being a great social media tool to gain up-to-date information in your industry, Twitter has many undisclosed utilities to marketing experts.
  • You can study the impact of a message, copywriters, this one is for you! Look at the twitter replies and traffic generated to links, study the top tweets - you can get a good idea on what triggers the public's interest; a good lesson on how to formulate your slogans. 

twitter marketer
  • You know the reach of every user, you can study his impact as well. Use tools like klout. Who is a thought leader, and why? If you can identify them online, it would be easier to identify them in the real world.
  • You can measure the frequency of every tweet, and how long it takes to generate an action... and this to me, is the most important point. We all get dragged by following trending hashtags and discussions, we all end up clicking that link that keeps getting retweeted. The question is, what frequency does it take?
I would say all three factors play a role. It takes a credible source (tweep), an intriguing tweet, and a certain frequency to incite people for action

All eyes on Twitter, watch and learn!


Mich said...

I'm not in marketing, but your guidelines can be used in any domain. Excellent stuff. Thanks :-)

Unknown said...

awww :) I guess we all need to spread a message from time to time.

Anonymous said...

great post! and very applicable to all sorts of interests, activist, marketing, outreach, crisis, journalism, just from the few tweets i see infront of me now..

Unknown said...

Somehow I see them all as part of marketing :)

Lipanantsi said...

There is something about twitter that keeps me drawn in & certainly some tweeps are the main draw (present company included). For trend analysis purposes it is a great source for immediate feedback. But we have to be careful not to over analyze what twitter is suggesting. If the way we tweet becomes too compartmentalized and or too focused we may defeat its purpose. As in anything in life, we need to find the right balance of how we use this tool. The Journey is to learn and i will follow this tweep and blog to do just that ;-)

Unknown said...

hehe @Lipanantsi you could have posted a guest post here with this comment... PS. Thank you :)

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