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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The New Google Algorithms - Google SEO

Google, our beloved Google, has announced on the 24th of February, 2011, that it was revolutionizing, once more, the way Google filtered its search results. The newest Google change is said to influence 11.8% of Google searches.  

Google is constantly working on its algorithm, but it is rarely that changes have such a noticeable consequence on Google's rankings. What's going on? 

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Some of the websites most affected by this Google algorithm change are content-farms according to Sistrix's recent study... But the truth remains that Google did not voice any specific details on the latest changes, and all that can be found online at the moment are SEO experts speculations. 

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What's important to note, for us here in Lebanon, is that the latest Google algorithm changes have only been applied to the US so far. A chance for us living in Lebanon... If you are using Firefox, you can now download the add on Google Global, and compare results with the US (my latest toy).


Danielle said...

Yeah I read about this. Thanks for sharing Youmny.. :D It was a good move to punish content farms..a really good move.

Unknown said...

*Google fan*

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