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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lebanese Restaurants Conquer Social Media

Finally, Lebanese restaurants have reached out to the online community in Lebanon and are getting more and more involved with twitter users, bloggers and social media activists (if I may call them that)!

Here's the drill:
lebanon marketing restaurant

Roadster Diner organizes a Roadster Tweetup where they offer free desserts to the attendees. They create Roadster Diner mobile applications for their menu catering to both Blackberry and iPhone users. The iPhone application is said to have become the number one most downloaded in Lebanon shortly after.

Casper and Gambini's follows shortly by offering free Casper and Gambini's mug, cookies and coffee, for whoever follows them on Twitter or likes their page on Facebook. Moreover, adding an organized  C&G Tweetup to their account. Following which; they upload pictures to their Casper and Gambinis Facebook page and notify attendees.

Zaatar w Zeit goes completely out of their way, by outsourcing their social media involvement and getting Eastline Marketing to handle their Social Media efforts. The latter, creates a full-fledged, online campaign "the missing Zs" and reaches out to bloggers and the influential online community members in Lebanon; making use of everything from youtube, to Twitter and Facebook, as well as creating a Missing Z website for this purpose (looks like an expensive initiative).

We hear Deek Duke and Tarator are on the verge of going social too...


Marie Nakhle said...

Nice wrap-up Youmna! Great effort is being done and it is appreciated.
Hope Crepaway will join soon, they are falling way behind.

Unknown said...

good point... someone should tell them that :)

Darine said...

Nice round up of the most recent developments. Must add a few more:
- B2B are doing something interesting on their facebook page, whereby if you tag yourself in a photo first you get that meal for free ( but their activity is limited to facebook only).
- Also Tawlet souk al tayeb have a twitter account and a facebook page they launched a few months back and tehy have helped us a lot with Twestival Beirut.
- Bruger Nation was active for a while but got frustrated once a couple of tweeps judged their food.
- The jasmine room are spamming people on twitter with their chinese retweets.

- CBJ posts all blogger reviews on their site (good or bad)

- I guess we would find more if we look deeper...

The venturing efforts of all of these brands should definitely be commended, as they are brave enough to be the first to try things out, I {optimistically} look forward to seeing more integrated communication being born and real social media presence that is not just campaign based.

Unknown said...

thanks Darine for the additional notes; your comment is a valuable addition to this post :)

I have seen Burger Nation and Jasmine Room's Twitter accounts.. As a matter of fact, I am probably following them. Yet, Their online involvement has not been much of a "conquest" if I may say.
Hoping they will all get there someday.

Raschele said...

Very interesting!! It is the first time I hear of such marketing in Lebanon. I mean it is starting to be available abroad, glad to hear will be also benefiting from it.
All of you Ladies encouraged me to become more active on my twitter account that I don't even check!!

Looking forward to see other sectors involved!

Unknown said...

Raschele, do get more active on Twitter, you'll love it, once you get the hang of it :)

Roadster said...

Thank you so much for the lovely article. This is only the begining of a very elaborate social media scheme :)

Hady C
Rd Team

Unknown said...

Hady, I saw your name on the C&G tweetup, I thought it would have been funny if you actually showed up :)
Anyway, keep up the great work.

Ali said...

i loved this post, because it's not just an "another review", it's a motivational and an inspiring message as well to all offline companies, and i believe that this article will definitely encourage those who haven't joined the conversation to make an extra effort to get in the game. well done Youmna :)

Unknown said...

<3 thank you Ali, much appreciated.

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