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Friday, May 27, 2011

What a Woman is Worth

No the way you are raising your kids is not ok. 

Women are not obliged to dress to kill every day, they should not have to abide by social standards our superficial society sets. What do you get from being pretty? From all those beauty surgeries you've undergone? From that Facebook profile with tones of likes and comments. What do you really get? You've changed your face so many times, you don't even recognize your own reflection, and for who? For what?
When the highest and most appraised status a girl can get is a title of a beauty queen in a beauty pageant; that's when you need to reconsider the whole community.
woman marketing
Miss Lebanon 2008-2009 from fanoos.com
What are you doing telling your boys it is ok to go with a prostitute? Or that love is not a prerequisite for sex? Yes it is your fault, dear parents. Your fault, that none of those men abroad stayed faithful to their partner. It is your fault, that your married son, with a 1-year old kid, is hitting on that young girl he just met. It is your fault, that like you, your sons have learned to be violent to their wives.
woman marketing
Outdoor Ad on Highway - from Beirutdriveby.com

It is your fault that 11 year old got raped by the neighbor, yes that guy you know and trusted so well. It is your fault your driver dared to touch that 14 year old. It is your fault your second husband is harrassing your baby girl. It is your fault your son raped his 17 year old girlfriend. It is your fault. You, parents of this community, you failed to raise your kids with ethics, with morals. 

You failed. 
women marketing
Haifa Wehbe, Lebanese singer -  from Bloggingbeirut.com

You failed at teaching them a woman's worth.

And why? Is it our stupid television stations? That set the standards for looks and beauty... instead of brains and content? Is it our advertising agencies that are so convinced that sex sells that they have plastered the roads with naked women, with no character nor personality? In either case, you failed. You still judged that girl your son brought home by her external beauty.

...And even had you raised your sons and daughters right;

You failed to say no.
girl marketing
Outdoor Ad on Highway - from Beirutdriveby.com
No to the degrading image of a woman hanged on our walls, our magazines, they've even managed to get on the radio... and you still failed to say no. No, to our singers, to our tourists, to the bosses, to your friend, to the gossip... 

But most importantly, no, to the social taboo, that keeps all those ladies quiet and those men free. 

...And you may think it's just an advertisement, or just a picture, but you are contributing without knowing it. Our marketing teams should be more aware of the brainwashing our kids are being raised in.


Maya said...

Beautiful! Thanks for writing it and sharing it Youmna. Agree with you 100%

angie. said...

we were just studying la femme objet! and i agree 100% hope they'll understand that around here..!!

Cyril said...

Who would not agree that mother's responsibility for a man's education is huge?
But do not go to deep onto that path because it's forgeting that every man, whatever fhis education was, has a free will and is accountable for its actions and behaviour.
Blame the mum's but, most of all, blame the man for being a chauvinistic pig!
And what mom woukd like his son to be called a pig?...

jad said...

i agree with you 80%, but their are some parents the other 20%. who raised their kids properly. it's not completely the parents fault that some of the kids turned out wrong. it is also the duty and responsibility of the kid as he or she grows up. to make the right decisions in life with the guidance of the parents. but some of these kids even though their parents are taking care of them properly. they take the wrong decisions in life and keep going down that road even though their parents try to help them to go in the right direction. so not only the parents are to be blamed but also the kids.

Chantal Akkary said...

WAW... it's very well said!!

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