Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lebanon Outdoor Wedding Advertising

In a country like Lebanon, with a struggling economy, my answer to a question like: " where can I make money?" is practically ridiculous... But I will say it, nonetheless: "the wedding industry".

lebanon wedding advertising

A simple look at the Lebanese highway from Dora to Dbayeh will make you understand:
The purchasing power in the hands of the ladies
lebanon wedding marketing

The importance of the wedding fiasco in Lebanon
lebanon wedding

The money spent in the Lebanese wedding industry
lebanon marketing for wedding

Here's a sample selection of outdoor advertisements in this limited area, all pictures were taken on June 28th, 2011;

lebanon wedding marketing

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As you may have already guessed, not much has changed since.

lebanon marketing wedding

Lebanon still thrives on a booming wedding industry.

lebanon bride marketing

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lebanon's Outdoor Electronic Advertising

Why not to adopt electronic outdoor led advertising in Lebanon?
(and if I may say this is quite a convincing reason)
How would you like an error message to show up instead of your paid outdoor advertisement? 
This picture was taken on the Jal el Dib highway, Lebanon.

lebanon outdoor marketing fail

Monday, June 27, 2011

Limited Marketing Budget ROI

Ever wondered why old fashioned businesses dread to invest in advertising?

Firms are scared to invest in the unknown, and as we all know, marketing isn't exactly the most predictable science.  Due to prior misplaced ads, companies become reluctant to put a real investment. 

Here's a tip to better invest your marketing dollars:
Make sure that a fair amount of your reach get enough frequency to get converted into a potential lead.              
 Think of it this way, if you aim for a return on your limited marketing investment, you will have to translate your advertising into sales. >>>>To be able to gain sales, you need to really impact your target audience. >>>>If your advertising dollars are spread out too thin over a large period of time or over a large audience, they are likely to go to waste.

To say it clearly, if you are on a limited budget, try to limit your target audience and increase frequency over a short period of time, for better marketing ROI.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Facebook's Hidden Potential

Until this day, Facebook's main source of income is Facebook advertising. Of course, Facebook is not using mere banners, it has taken it to the next level.  
  • From a client's perspective, Facebook has made advertising social. You get to see who in your network likes the ad. 
  • From an advertiser's perspective, Facebook ads allow you to target your market really accurately; thus spend your Facebook ad budget more wisely. 
All in all, impressive isn't it?
facebook advertising

So why am I driven to think that Facebook is still thinking inside the box?

Simple. Any website, no matter how ingeniously developed it is, would normally raise money, from advertising or some sort of e-commerce. Facebook is no ordinary website; and while creating its business model, they are mistaken to treat it as one. 
The wealth of Facebook is not the amount of users it has, or the number of visitors, time spent on the site, number of applications, user interactions... They all, sure, are worthy. Yet, they are not Facebook's most unique feature.

Facebook's real wealth is in the data it can provide. But you already knew that, right?

facebook advertising
How could Facebook leverage on that? 

  1. Facebook Insights - Facebook insights has the potential to grow bigger than any other web analytics tool. Let's face it, no other tool will be able to deliver as accurate visitor profiling as Facebook. What if they analyzed more than the Facebook likes and shares? Potential clients: any website owner. 
  2. Marketing research - what wouldn't you give to know more about your customers? Potential clients: marketing research firms and individual companies. Population statistics- might be very useful for countries like Lebanon, with no recent or trustworthy official dats. Potential clients: governments, marketing research firms, or companies in a specific market
  3. Other Types of Research - Doctoral programs- I am sure almost any research paper can benefit from data on Facebook Potential clients: universities and schools Correlations- Who knows, maybe at some point the data can be used to track down epidemics and discover the real causes behind cancer, by correlating cases, with Facebook user profiles. OK, so maybe I got a little bit carried away here... Potential clients: researchers, doctors
facebook advertising

 How many more unexploited Facebook opportunities can you think of?

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