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Monday, June 27, 2011

Limited Marketing Budget ROI

Ever wondered why old fashioned businesses dread to invest in advertising?

Firms are scared to invest in the unknown, and as we all know, marketing isn't exactly the most predictable science.  Due to prior misplaced ads, companies become reluctant to put a real investment. 

Here's a tip to better invest your marketing dollars:
Make sure that a fair amount of your reach get enough frequency to get converted into a potential lead.              
 Think of it this way, if you aim for a return on your limited marketing investment, you will have to translate your advertising into sales. >>>>To be able to gain sales, you need to really impact your target audience. >>>>If your advertising dollars are spread out too thin over a large period of time or over a large audience, they are likely to go to waste.

To say it clearly, if you are on a limited budget, try to limit your target audience and increase frequency over a short period of time, for better marketing ROI.

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