Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog at AltMedia City

Marketing in Lebanon is being projected along with other "top Lebanese blogs" in the AltMedia City in Hamra from July 25th to July 30th, 2011; an amazingly culturally enriching exhibition. 

 marketing in lebanon

marketing in lebanon

Two days left, if you haven't attended yet, I highly advise you to check it out!
Find out more here: AltMedia City.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ad

I am starting to really enjoy the "Only in Lebanon" marketing section. Here's a new one for you people. Sometimes it takes a foreign look at things to see how absurd our advertisements can be. @spicydesign had the courtesy to open my eyes on this one while he was visiting Lebanon.
marketing in lebanon
...and where else would anyone advertise "free Whatsapp installation"? Only in Lebanon, my friends.
It doesn't take two to figure out they are trying to position this Samsung mobile phone to compete with Blackberry.

marketing in lebanon
What does it say about anyone who buys this Samsung Galaxy phone, "I didn't know how to install Whatsapp, so I bought a Samsung" ?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Windshield Ads

Is it another exclusively Lebanese Advertising medium? I wouldn't know... but it sure stands out.
Lebanese advertisers know how to make use of every corner in our sight to place their logos. 
windshield advertising

It's simple, it's useful, it's cheap. The same advertisement was printed on several windshield covers and were used by a restaurant's valet parking services to protect the cars from the sun heat... and who would object to that?

advertising in lebanon

Monday, July 4, 2011

From Google to Plus

Google finally over delivered. 

Google plus is a hit so far... and I say so far, because let's face it, if you're already on Google Plus, take a look around your circles, who's there? Social media and technology enthusiasts, that's who... and yes, they all love it, and so do you... But who are you again? Aren't you one of those geeks too? ...and I am not just pointing fingers, I belong here.
I thought it was worth pointing out though. The people in my circles so far? They're the twitter community.  Why? Early adopters.

Timeline vs News Feed

google to plus
Wouldn't we all think that Google would have developed a complicated social algorithm to sort its stream? Well, it seems that on July 1st, the stream looked more like a news feed, as it was not organized by chronological order... and today, well, it seems it has changed to a timeline; definitely, a work in progress. 

The Marketing Difference

Google finally understood that Facebook's smartest strategy was exclusivity; a strategy previously used by the Small World network, but taken up a notch, to become a growth strategy rather than a mission statement. Google's limited users interface is almost as effective in creating word-of-mouth. Only, the target is different. Facebook aimed elites in the real world. Google Plus is leveraging on elites in the digital world; which certainly is creating a buzz, but will it work as effectively to shift the users from Early Adopters to eventually reach a majority. 

google to plus
Google Plus Privacy

I won't go on and on about this section. I am sure too many people are tackling it already. 

I will just point out that the profile picture album is irrevocably set to "public". Moreover, something is more bothersome than Facebook when it comes to the share button, and I think I figured out why: it is on every single post on Google Plus, even if no picture or link is shared (unlike Facebook)!

About Google Plus and Facebook

Ok, so the design is really close to Facebook; Which makes it easier for Facebook users to understand and locate what they are looking for. Nonetheless, Google Plus is cleaner (design-wise) and offers more. It has a little bit of Skype (in Hangout), RSS (in Sparks), it is incorporated in everything Google, and offer a little bit of Twitter's follower/following form whereas people can add you to their circles without you having to "accept/ignore" and not everyone who is following you, is being followed by you.

Google Website Statistics

I might have spoken a little too fast when I wrote Facebook's untapped potential in using its profiles to give accurate demographic data to websites. Google seems to already be unto it! 
google to plus

Google Webmaster Tools now have +1 Metrics... and I am really curious at the sort of characteristics they will be able to disclose thanks to Google Plus! If Google Plus works, people are more likely to be signed in to their accounts, they are more likely to +1 websites and eventually, web owners will get a more accurate audience description. 

Brilliant! Simply, brilliant!

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