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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ad

I am starting to really enjoy the "Only in Lebanon" marketing section. Here's a new one for you people. Sometimes it takes a foreign look at things to see how absurd our advertisements can be. @spicydesign had the courtesy to open my eyes on this one while he was visiting Lebanon.
marketing in lebanon
...and where else would anyone advertise "free Whatsapp installation"? Only in Lebanon, my friends.
It doesn't take two to figure out they are trying to position this Samsung mobile phone to compete with Blackberry.

marketing in lebanon
What does it say about anyone who buys this Samsung Galaxy phone, "I didn't know how to install Whatsapp, so I bought a Samsung" ?


A Bare Truth said...

I saw this ad while waiting to pick someone at the airpot. It made me laugh... Who doesn't know that Whatsapp is free? whoever thought this marketing move is a good idea should be fired, so his superior(s)

Unknown said...

Nokia radio ads in the UAE also mention that the new N6 comes with Whatsapp and Linkedin apps preinstalled.

fatima said...

when I saw this ad, I laugh too, and at first I tried to convince me that I misunderstood!
I think people can be not to buy the product but now if the ad was a certain level of intelligence and truth, he will keep it in mind .
like that companies will win for the future

Choura2yak said...

They are trying to compete with iPhone , since WhatsApp on iPhone is Charged for 1 USD. Samsung Galaxy's OS is Andriod, they have a powerful OS as well as a unique Dual Processor Hardware, so i think they should have focused on the performance side more than the what's Up free of charge.
On the other hand, i think that Samsung Conducted a survey and found that most of the Lebanese Cares about chatting and wasting time on BBM and WhatsApp instead of caring for what can be beneficial for their intelelctual Level and their Business ...

Lebanon Pictures said...

free whatsapp application what a jock, couldn't anyone give a better lie for the lebanese people , as if it costs anything to install whatsapp. it's there for free on android store

Fouad Berjaoui said...

Not only the message is stupid, but what scares me the most is the clumsiness of CTC : DID YOU KNOW THAT WHATSAPP IS AN ISRAELI PRODUCT MADE BY AN ISRAELI COMPANY ??
1- There's a HIGH CHANCE all your phonebook contacts, sms, emails...etc are now stored in a data gathering server in Israel :)
2- According to the LEBANESE LAW, you are not only using a product MADE IN ISRAEL, but you are PROMOTING IT PUBLICLY.

I mean how stupid can you get ??

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