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Friday, August 12, 2011

Facebook Ad Results - Gender Gap

"The Truth" Campaign is on. Captain and Captain has launched a Facebook campaign for its Lie Detector. A gadget that falls within their Gamer section one of the 5 characters in the shop (as the shop concept is "Shopping by personality type" - a fun experience).
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The advertising campaign results, so far, show a blatantly higher curiosity rate in Female Facebook users, as they out-number their male counterparts in clicking on "Is he lying to you" vs "Is she lying to you" ads. A real gender gap! 
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Difference in perception? Maybe. It turned out that merely changing the picture, which referred to a cartoon character, created an increase in the click through rate for men by a fair deal; but remained behind the female users.
 That said, the "win a lie detector" contest is on. All you have to do is fill in the form on The Truth page!

 Ok, so the Facebook applications' loading page time is murderous. What can we do? That's Lebanon today. Hoping it will be better tomorrow, I pledge support to the Ontornet campaign (too cute the website's design, do check it out if you haven't yet! - I SO should have blogged about this a long time ago.)

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Danielle said...

Lebanon really needs to get its ish together with the internet! It has such far reach implications for everyone in the country! Great campaign btw.

Unknown said...

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