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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mentos 3D Marketing

mentos marketingFrom all the Mentos campaigns ever launched my favorite remains the viral marketing videos with the Diet Coke bottles exploding with Mentos. (Who can argue against this?!)

I'd say that the "there's nothing like a mentos kiss" campaign is a big FAIL; but that's just me... and then there's the whole 3D products, that got me thinking how can a gum be 3 dimensional. I was encouraged by a friend to check out the Facebook "Mentos Arabia" page, it was only then that I understood. (Ok, there's actually a message behind it, but I still don't like the name).

mentos marketingIt does not cost much to gather fans for a Facebook page, but getting them to interact with the brand is priceless... and Mentos seems to have it going on. They've gone over a notch in the side bar tabs, and uselessly so, as the tabs offer nothing interesting - pure disappointment there. Yet, the wall is very lively with daily competitions - yeyy for that!
I hear that a good competition will be launched soon on their Mentos Arabia website - yes, it seems there's a website just for this region! - Let's wait and see what they have in store.

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