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Friday, October 28, 2011

Le Mall Marketing Campaign - "Shopping Trip to Paris"

Apparently someone has paid more than $11, 000 for a chance to win a trip... worth about... LESS.
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There's 555 coupons for a certain Juliane, each worth $20 according to the listings on stopjessica.com, stopjad.com, stopcarol.com, stopzeina.com, stopmaya.com (which by the way, all, just link to the Facebook application). 

Only about 3800 likes on Le Mall's Facebook page, a rather average interaction rate, and yet the top 50 "unstoppables" boast numbers that seem way up in the clouds... 
That part obviously reads "fishy" to me. Even more so that the full name of those "unstoppables" is not written. Oh, and their Facebook manager (with great writing skills - honestly -) needs to do something about those long status updates!
lemall marketing lebanon

"Hasn't anyone told them yet that their advertising campaigns suck?" stated a very reputable friend in the advertising industry upon hearing LeMall's latest radio ad. 

I don't quite agree actually.

I was intending to praise this campaign... I should get back on track. I find it ingenious!

For once a campaign that aims to raise sales, engage with clients and above all reward them... and my favorite part? It's an integrated marketing campaign. 

I would calculate the success of this by measuring the amount of new sales generated, versus that of the previous month, minus the campaign costs. Uh, ok, I am making it impossible for it to be a "winner".
lemall lebanon ad

...But seriously, I do like it. At least they would have created themselves a Facebook fan base for future campaigns and got new people to interact with them! (Which could have been done with Facebook ads alone, with, at least, 20 times less the cost.)

ok, I give up! 

It's a good campaign, yet, likely to cost more than to generate. Although, the campaign seems so awesome and creative (ok, not creative, ...yet it's spot on the Lebanese female mall consumer). 

Let's call it ambitious.

...But hey! At least they did it all legally:

Did you know that it takes a permit from the ministry of Finance for any draw to take place? Even if they were just to win coupons! Moreover, such draws have to be governed by the Lebanese National Lottery... And Le Mall did it right. Yey for that! 

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Darine said...

Great analysis Youmna. I am catching up on all of your posts today! SO glad you covered this campaign I wanted to see what was happening there. Sadly the numbers do not reflect the huge investment they've made, I wonder why. Perhaps the on the ground integration was not so good. Or maybe the reward structure seemed too complex. But like you I am happy that companies are starting to grasp what integrated media campaigns mean. We are all learning after all!:)

Unknown said...

That... or the reward and investment were too big as opposed to the potential return.

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