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Friday, October 14, 2011

Why There's More to Marketing than Advertising

Marketing is not all about promotion. If you are an advertising specialist, it does not make you an expert in marketing.
What’s more to marketing than that?
One of my first blog posts was stating that thefirst step in marketing is HR. Your employees are your best spokesmen.
In some odd way everything can come under the big title of marketing. Anything that entails some creative thinking or choice in an organization is subject to the way you decide to present it to your stakeholders, i.e. to market it.
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This leaves only a few tasks that do not fall under marketing, and I say “tasks”, as even the most rigid of positions can be subject to “presentation” bias.  Let’s consider accounting for instance: true, there are some very basic entries that you cannot “edit” creatively, but as your role gets more managerial, you handle more responsibility, and you are given more power to influence the company’s overall image.
For instance, in accounting, you may be put in charge to present your company’s profit to the world. You will have to do it right; yet you will also have to do it in the most subtle and attractive way. Whether you look at the income statement and statewe got ourselves in a debt of 2 million dollars this year” or “we have invested in 3 new venues, and expect to generate 10 million dollars in the coming 3 years” makes all the difference in the world! It is all about marketing.  
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Needless to say, you may conduct flawless advertising campaigns, yet… if its cost is not set based on the ROI in terms of profits, if your product’s price is not right, if your salespeople are not polite, if your venue is not welcoming, if your operations are not timely in delivery, if your secretary never picks up the phone, if you fall behind your competition in quality control (and the list goes on)… then you have utterly failed in marketing.


carolinehodroj said...

this was very useful brief. thanks for the input

Unknown said...

My pleasure, thank YOU for your comment!

Darine said...

Yes sadly many people do not understand that marketing is the backbone of many activities in the organization from production to customer support to HR...I often things of a marketer's job as two fold: 1) tweaking the company internally to be what it needs to be 2) to sell the product that is wants to sell and project the image that i need sto project through external marketing efforts.

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