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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Judging by... Her Shoes

So, here's the thing: two clients walk in at the same time, you try to juggle them both at once, then get caught up and find yourself in an awkward moment where you have to choose whom to give preferential treatment to, what do you do? 

My advice to you is simple: look at the shoes.

shoe marketing

I have long noted that women with classy colorful shoes tend to spend more; and what I mean by 'colorful' is mainly 'anything but black' (of course, this stereotype excludes men, teenagers and any kind of trainers; it's mainly for lady leather shoes).
woman marketing

Before you start calling me names, it's not a question of discrimination.

...and I kind of found the rationale behind it today!

If ladies were to buy only one pair of shoes, it would be black. That done, they would consider other fanciful colors. The likelihood that someone would have many colored shoes is higher if that person is actually wearing colored shoes.
high heels marketing

Ok, skip.

If the shoes don't give you enough clues, the next step should be the handbag color. The same applies here.
fashion marketing
Pippa Middleton, matching shoes and handbag

Finally, you know you've got a client worth a jackpot when the handbag color matches the shoes.

...and that's it for today's sales lesson!

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