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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knowledge-based Marketing: How to Establish Market Leadership

Theoretical and Practical
There are times when we thirst for knowledge, and others when we rather retract ourselves and ponder upon our experiences to come up with our own conclusions.
While both means compel us to develop some sort of wisdom, the second can be much more rewarding. How so?
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Knowledge we acquire on our own can:
  • boost our understanding of the matter at hand
  • develop our self-esteem
  • compensate for our failure
After-all, life is full of "stages" we go through in order to shape up our personalities, learn new tricks or simply wake up from our procrastinations, right?

Acquired, but Innate
...and you might think I am being too reflective about something as intuitive as knowledge. Yes, I said it, and I will say  it again, "intuitive", just in case you have missed it.
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While knowledge, itself, can only be acquired, our capacity and tendency to learn are, them, innate.

By now I guess you are wondering where I am going with this since, this was a marketing blog. Well, rest assured, it still is.

Market Leadership
How do you establish leadership on the market? When you become a leader.
How do you become a leader? By gaining followers.
Why would people follow you?

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A very famous, viable, yet old fashioned manner to create followers is knowledge sharing. It simply shows people that you have the know-how and that you are a reliable source.

Knowledge Marketing
Knowledge marketing is especially popular in technical fields, such as engineering firms, consulting firms, electrical/ technical equipment companies... and most recently - don't laugh - online marketing.

If you're in the marketing field then you probably have been invited to, at least, one conference about digital marketing or social media, right?

Now since everyone in your field is doing it, if you haven't shared anything different from your counterparts you're not quite positioning yourself as a leader, now, are you? More like a copy cat, actually.
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My advice is just take a step back from hammering your shareholders with theories we all know, and try to come up with another type of knowledge, one unique to you, compiled from your own experiences. 
Put your heart into it and see how people will be more eager to  hear what you have to say.

Maybe then you will reap the benefits of knowledge-based marketing and finally achieve the leadership positioning you were longing for.

(You weren't just doing it because everyone else was doing it, right?)

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