Friday, January 20, 2012

For Tech Girls, OR Lebanese Musicians - Exchange Programs

Dear readers, this is NOT a post about marketing; but it is SO worth sharing. 
Find below details about 2 programs that might benefit you greatly. Here's your chance to go to the US for an unforgettable experience.

1- 'for Lebanese teenage girls who like Technology: 
The TechGirls Program.

2- For Lebanese Musicians: 
The OneBeat Program

I copy - pasted the details of both programs from an e-mail I received from the US embassy's State Alumni Coordinator, Public Policy:


1- 'for Lebanese teenage girls who like Technology: 
The TechGirls Program.

The TechGirls program brings teenage girls, 15-17 years old, from countries in the Middle East and North Africa to the United States in June-July 2012 for a three- to five-weeks. The goals of the TechGirls program are to provide a program of academic study of applied technology for girls who already have a demonstrated aptitude and strong interest in technology and to empower girls to pursue higher education and careers in technology. This exchange program focuses on promoting high-level study of technology by engaging girls in hands-on classes, labs, individual or team-based project design and development, mentoring experiences, visits to high tech companies in the United States, and more.

We are looking for energetic applicants who are interested in developing their leadership and technology skills in order to become future leaders and experts in the field of technology.
If interested, please e-mail and ask for the application form (Which has to be filled and sent back by latest 4:30 p.m on March 1, 2012.)'


2- For Lebanese Musicians: 
The OneBeat Program

'The U.S. Embassy in Beirut announces the OneBeat program, a two week residency in the United States in September 2012. One Beat is an international music exchange project that brings together musicians from around the world through a residency and tour program focused on creative collaboration and social engagement. This peer exchange will invite young professional musicians to the U.S. to work with their American counterparts in the composition and the performance of new cross-genre works, the creation of innovative recordings & videos, and the development of practices of music as civic and social engagement. ( )

Musicians from all backgrounds and genres are encouraged to apply, with or without formal musical training. The U.S. Embassy will cover the cost of travel, room and board for musicians selected for the program.

In order to apply, candidates should meet these eligibility criteria:

·         Be a Lebanese citizen or long-term Palestinian resident, currently living in Lebanon, and be between 19 to 35 years old
·         Have advanced proficiency in music work, an interest in cross-genre collaboration
·         Experience with or interest in developing ways to use music as a way to improve their communities.
·         High level of English proficiency


·         Applicants should send their CVs, and work samples, in the form of audio,  video and/or written scores, to or the U.S. Embassy in Awkar, “attention D. Copty.” 
·         Deadline for submission of CVs and work samples is January 31, 2012. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  
·         Applicants should include a 1 to 2 page description of the role of music in their life, and why they are interested in the OneBeat program.'

May Hariri Saves Some Money on Ads

I know this post's title seems to be the title of a cynical gossip columnist. In reality, it is actually a post written by an inspired marketeer. 

Let me explain:
Have you seen one of those Gina K outdoor advertisements around Lebanon? 

may hariri ad

At first it gives the impression as though it is an ad that features May Hariri as a 'celebrity endorsement' for Gina K's bridal collection. 
The Brand name is there, the website, and the phone number... So what leads me to think otherwise?

Look closely, had it been a question of  celebrity endorsement, would the name of the single of May Hariri be written there? I understand that the artist's name be stated... But, the single's name?

I am not criticizing, I find it to be a smart initiative that saves both parties advertising dollars... and that is the work of smart marketeers who have the interest of their respective companies at heart (which, in the case where advertising budgets are saved, usually tends to be the work of the owners themselves! - If otherwise, they better hold on tight to their caring advertising department.)

What do you think:
Is it a clear cut 'celebrity endorsement', or a mutually beneficial advertising deal?
...Or maybe it was an added 'condition' set by May Hariri to be featured in Gina K's Ads, who knows!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Marketing Through a Coffee Shop

It's not quite about the product, as it is about the way it is presented

I am not sure for how long this campaign has been going on, but if you have been to Starbucks in the past year or so, you must have noted the Ragheb Alama CDs on the cashier counter, or the advertising page that displays on their Wi-fi front page.

starbucks wi-fi

The Ragheb Alama CD on sale at Starbucks seems to have been launched on November 1st, 2010 (at Starbucks Hamra, for that matter). The campaign is based on a 5-years deal between the two parties, where the Lebanese singer was to present a blend of Western and Eastern music. The CD in question was to be sold, at first, "exclusively" at Starbucks, then made available at Virgin.

Now you might be wondering why this campaign marked me:

1- It runs over a long period of time, in the same outlets, targeting the same group of people, which is likely to produce a high "frequency".
2- It targets a, rather well-defined, specific group of people.
3- As a marketing initiative, comprising both the incentive to buy and the retail outlet, it has a higher likelihood to translate into sales.
4-It is quite an innovative and smart out-of-the-box approach to marketing.
My only concern is whether it serves Starbucks as much as it does Ragheb Alama.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Smart Advertising Medium for Malls

What if you found stations to charge your phone in shopping malls?

Would you leave your phone there and go? I guess NOT; yet, waiting could be very boring.

What if you were presented with an advertising screen, with some rather interactive ads?
Would they be welcomed or intrusive?

mall marketing
Picture taken in Romania
Just some food for thought.

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