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Friday, January 20, 2012

May Hariri Saves Some Money on Ads

I know this post's title seems to be the title of a cynical gossip columnist. In reality, it is actually a post written by an inspired marketeer. 

Let me explain:
Have you seen one of those Gina K outdoor advertisements around Lebanon? 

may hariri ad

At first it gives the impression as though it is an ad that features May Hariri as a 'celebrity endorsement' for Gina K's bridal collection. 
The Brand name is there, the website, and the phone number... So what leads me to think otherwise?

Look closely, had it been a question of  celebrity endorsement, would the name of the single of May Hariri be written there? I understand that the artist's name be stated... But, the single's name?

I am not criticizing, I find it to be a smart initiative that saves both parties advertising dollars... and that is the work of smart marketeers who have the interest of their respective companies at heart (which, in the case where advertising budgets are saved, usually tends to be the work of the owners themselves! - If otherwise, they better hold on tight to their caring advertising department.)

What do you think:
Is it a clear cut 'celebrity endorsement', or a mutually beneficial advertising deal?
...Or maybe it was an added 'condition' set by May Hariri to be featured in Gina K's Ads, who knows!


Marie said...

Well, it looks like celebrities can't shoot their video clips now if not endorsed by a brand. It looks like Rotana forced them to do it due to the large budgets of their video. Saw it in the latest Assi el Hellani and Rami Ayach videos.

Unknown said...

That's quite interesting actually.. Is it like some kind of forced product placement in video clips? Or more like obvious sponsors?

Marie said...

I saw product placements!!

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