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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Smart Advertising Medium for Malls

What if you found stations to charge your phone in shopping malls?

Would you leave your phone there and go? I guess NOT; yet, waiting could be very boring.

What if you were presented with an advertising screen, with some rather interactive ads?
Would they be welcomed or intrusive?

mall marketing
Picture taken in Romania
Just some food for thought.


nouchaline said...

I have a tendency to forget to fully charge my phone, and it has a tendency to use its battery really quickly... so this would be awesome.
They have similar stations like that in the airports, I've seen a couple in Boston, but they don't have interactive ads. Just a plain banner.

Unknown said...

I agree, we all happen to forget to charge our phones, or sometimes just simply overuse them during a long day out. This would be really useful.

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