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Monday, February 6, 2012

Aishti Steals Avon's Ad

Aishti has often left me indifferent when it comes to its advertising, while some can be described as artistically beautiful, they still fail at providing an actual message. That said, I thought Aishti's latest Valentine ad to be rather innovative and sleek... Until I stumbled upon a stupendous copy online, just look up "advertising ad" on Google, and you will find this Avon ad in the first link "8 of the best Valentine's day ads".

aishti ad
AVON ad found on
aishti ad
Aishti's Valentine Ad - Unipole(s) in Downtown Beirut
Needless to say, whoever did this Aishti ad did not put in much effort (and I would really love to know who is behind this)... Or maybe, just maybe, it could be a striking coincidence.

What do you think?


Nsrn Srks said...

The studio behind Aishti's new visuals is that of Stefan Sagmeister, one of my design idols. I actually love their new ads visually and believe they contribute greatly to Aishti's image. But seeing this is quite disappointing, kinda like telling a child Santa doesn't exist. Ow well

Unknown said...

That, I have found, yet neither nor have included this one particular ad in their portfolio. I thought maybe there's a chance that there would be someone else behind it...

UnKnown said...

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