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Sunday, February 26, 2012

United Colors of Benetton Vs Waterlemon

You might think this is some sort of catalog for United Colors of Benetton when you see these images, well, at least I would.

waterlemon lebanon

Those pictures are actually found within the menu of none other than Waterlemon.

waterlemon lebanon

Strangely enough, they have adopted these Indian pictures in a United Colors of Benetton - like design, which does not particularly match the rest of their brand's image, their restaurant's interior design... nor their food; or so I think. 

waterlemon lebanon
The restaurant is described on their own website as "sleek and modern" and with adjectives like "fresh" and "aqueous".
waterlemon lebanon
Moreover,  regarding the writing "The earth does not belong to us... we belong to earth..."
waterlemon lebanon
I'm not exactly keen on this sentence's punctuation, let alone its relation with the restaurant; but that's just me. 
waterlemon lebanon

Ok, so United Colors of Benetton are actually known for campaigns filled with controversy. They have showcased black and white people (more than) mingling and homosexuality when it was a huge taboo, and lately their viral 'unhate' campaign displays a complete disrespect for all forms of authority. Yes, shock advertising has always been their forte.

waterlemon lebanon

Nonetheless, displaying models of different racial backgrounds is also one of their main advertising characteristics. 

What do YOU think?


iman said...

I think they were not in the mood for creativity,so they decided to copy the first thing they could think of.and not in an i'll copy "but try to make it work" for my product way!just plain lazy mindless copying......perhaps.?..!..perhaps they dont have a marketing departement in the first place?

Unknown said...

Great, so I am not the only one who sees Benetton here! Thank you for your feedback Iman.

I am sure they have a marketing department though. Waterlemon, Zahr El Laymoun, Cafe Blanc, Living Colors, all belong to the same parent company that has a very acute marketing mindset and great skills when it comes to food concepts... Which is exactly why this really stands out (to me).

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