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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Heroes Are Made Of

As though, whether you use the pronoun I or They, made all the difference in the world!

It was the exact same sentence, with the exact same meaning, making the exact same point... Or so I thought.

Yet he still found a way to convince himself he was better. He said "they".
"The difference between us is that I look at it from others' perspective" he said.
He wasn't the only one to point fingers at others. 

Whoever drives faster than you, drives too fast, and whoever drives slower, drives too slow. Ever noticed? Ever noticed, how the only reference to what is right or wrong is You?

In the real world, everything is wrong until You start doing it. "You"... Society. Then it becomes OK. It becomes socially acceptable, and eventually, socially required.
Because let's face it, society sets its personal "role model", that is not necessarily correct, but is praised, nonetheless, because it is just like You.
Copy - Paste Society
Can you tell the difference between virtues and social standards? If you can walk the line, defying social expectations and preserving what is virtuous, then, You, are a hero my friend.

Those are 'real' qualities.
 ...And this? This is what a compelling story is made of.

Offer inspiration to your audience, the story of a self-made man, that, of a kind-hearted king, give people a hero they can look up to. Isn't that what Johnnie Walker is trying to do with its Keep Walking Lebanon campaign? .. And what about Liban Post's Lipos?
liban post mascot
LibanPost's Lipos

 Giving a brand a personality through a mascot, a cartoon character, a story, or a celebrity endorsement has been one of the marketing industry's oldest tricks.

Yellow - m&m

Think of energizer's bunny, Kellogg's indefinite number of characters, Ronald the clown for Mc Donald's, Michelin's Bibendum... All project a certain image of the brand and help gain customers' sympathy.
mcdonald mascot
Ronald McDonald
michelin mascot
Michelin's Bibendum

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