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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Casper's Loyalty Program

Casper & Gambini's had already launched their loyalty program quite a long time ago, but although I am a frequent client, I was never "invited" to join, and thus, never took the initiative, until now.

I thought I'd receive an SMS to pick my card, or maybe, utmost a phone call. I did not expect for someone to knock at the door and deliver the card. Neither did I expect such a beautiful presentation.

loyalty program box
Casper's Loyalty card package - 3, since I got parents to fill in the form

Here's what was included
An exclusive 10% off from Eatalian
2 free cafe lattes - expiring end of month
Rules and regulations of the program
and of course the loyalty card (swipe card)

loyalty program box-1
Loyalty Program's box content

As for the C&G loyalty benefits:
15$ off - every 300 points
10% off once you get upgraded to "Solid Silver"; i.e. have gathered 4,000 points

- the only thing they forgot was to mention how one gathers the points! Eventually, we figured out that every 1$ spent at C&G = 1point.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Terrible place with overly expensive food!
Gaoat cheese salad with LESS THAN 1gram of cheese for 22,000LBP!

It consisted of:
- 3 salad leaves
- 1 gram of horrible goat cheese
- 1 cherry tomato cut in 4
- and a horrible vinaigrette


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