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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Make It Perfect

The Lebanese government hasn't done anything wrong. 


Do you remember the feeling you got, when in front of strangers, you were to speak up for the first time?


When you have said and done enough that a single more action wouldn't affect the sum of your image, then you'd be more at ease.

...But what if you barely ever speak up? 
Any single action will have a strong weight.

Think about it: the anti-rape laws, women's right to instill nationality to their children, the embassies' reciprocating behavior demands, maybe even civil marriage...

Your fear factor not only depends on your frequency to take action, but also on the time frame in which those actions are to occur.

The problem is not that our government is acting wrong. The problem is that our government is not acting at all. 

The simpler the execution process, the faster we are to see change. 
The faster we see change, the more frequent it would become. 
The more change we see, the less 'absolute' our laws seem. 
The less our government would fear to take action, the less it would seek 'absolute perfection' and the more we are to get close to attaining it. 

Fearlessly, yet, surely.
perfect Lebanese

Yes, we are Lebanese, but no, we are not perfect. 

Perfection is in nobody's reach. We can only tend towards it and hope one day we would get close.

If a girl keeps thinking she will only marry the prince charming that comes on a white horse, she will never get married - he's mine ;) . If you are waiting for the perfect advertising idea to launch your brand, it might never come to be.

Looking for the perfect solution is like writing on a piece of paper's both sides, one word, and one word only: "turn". 

If you are launching the first advertising campaign for a brand, you will affect it majorly - and yes - you should be afraid.  
The more advertising campaigns you launch the lesser their impact on the overall consumer's image of the brand, given you keep in mind both the frequency and time range within which your campaigns are displayed. 

It surely will never be perfect, but it will never "be" at all, if you do not take the plunge and take action.


Anonymous said...

Perfection is attainable in ones eyes, as perfection is relative.

Jesus said "be perfect", it's in his movie, I've seen it.

So it is my duty (not strictly) to be
1. Funny & humorous,
2. Playful.
3. Insightful & Educated.
4. as handsome as I can be.

Thats being Lebanese :p

Unknown said...

If "playful" is in your definition of perfect... I see a warning sign up ahead! You forgot the most essential part, kindness of heart.

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