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Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Invite a Blogger

This was not the first time I had received an invitation by a brand. 

 In fact, contrary to popular belief, many brands in Lebanon try to get bloggers to cooperate in their marketing efforts. Yet, the way they go about it is never the same. Here is why I often neglect invitations:
Chivas had the decency to drop this invitation in a private message to my blog's Facebook page.

'Dear bloggers, ...' No, we do not appreciate the idea that you think of us as a random blogger. There are thousands of those out there. A 'dear blogger' e-mail  directly qualifies as junk, as we do not feel personally concerned.
What Chivas did: a personal message with a personalized attached invitation, really, that's all it took.

Zoom-in to the invitation card

Here's why: it matters that the brand knows who you are and takes the time to get to read what you are all about. It makes us feel special. A little quote is all it took.
 Last minute call: It sends out the wrong message. Either I don't think you have anything else to do, or simply, I left you as a second option. In both cases, it's a no-no.

What Chivas did: A 10 days notice - just perfect. With a one week prior reservation request and a same day reminder. What this means to a blogger? 1 - I respect you. 2- I really want you to be there. i.e. you matter.
What's more? They were available to answer their phone, although I arrived late and was calling in the middle of the bloggers' meeting. They welcomed me at the door. They were friendly and courteous; simply chivalrous. 
On a personal note, I really appreciated that their CEO (Fawaz Holding) was present at the event. He was really down-to-earth, open-minded and showed interest in blogging and digital media; something really admirable for a Lebanese boss, if you ask me.

As for the event: we had a little tasting experience, some guess-work and left with an 18-year-old bottle of Chivas...


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