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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weddings in Lebanon: 5 Marketing Myths

Weddings in Lebanon are the place where a social need overcomes all economic sense. Here are 5 marketing myths, that are very sound theoretically, and yet, appear wacky when it comes to weddings in Lebanon (not that it is not the other way around!)

Marketing myth 1: 
If there is no purchasing power, there is no market
This statement really makes sense. Only, when it comes to weddings in Lebanon, the spending is always way over the normal threshold as compared to local GDP. You can even get bank loans for your wedding (and cry later).

Marketing myth 2: 
Market to the individual not the society
Yes, it also makes sense to target the individual directly. Only, in this specific case, it  is all the family of both parties that gets involved; not to mention their concern for public opinion.

Marketing myth 3: 
If it was less expensive, it would sell more
Yes, if you are selling juice, this might make sense. Only, when it comes to bridal dresses, you're very likely not to sell at all if you are too cheap. Like in all things, the perception of quality is closely related to the price. Thus, a premium pricing might be a better option when it comes to a wedding gown.

Marketing myth 4: 
You cannot price the same offering differently
A little odd concept in the wedding industry: When it comes to make-up and hair-do, you can easily pay 10 times the normal charge, if you happen to merely mention that you are the bride.
This makes no economic sense at all, but its the way things work in this part of the world.

Marketing myth 5: 
When the buyer and end-user is the same person, he is also the decision-maker
You would think that the couple planning their wedding will take their own decisions, given that they are the ones paying and using your services. Oddly, in this line of business, the real decision-maker is often a mother, a friend, or pretty much anyone whose opinion the couple values. 

This often leads to wrong advertising messages, where the advertiser would picture a happy couple and everlasting love. Is that really why they would choose you over your competitors? 


Liliane said...

Excellent post, loved the examples you gave regarding each myth! :)

Unknown said...

thanks Lil, I hope you're settling well in Dublin!!

Veri kurtarma said...

Thanks for sharing!

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