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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Using a Brand as Your Own

I took this picture a month ago, as I was visiting Saida, this was THE landmark that marked me the most.
Shop in Saida
 Did you know that you can be sued for mimicking a brand's colors and graphic identity, or by using its symbol? Let alone, stealing the whole brand as is, and appropriating it as your own. Property rights, anyone?

For the sake of it, here's a few advantages of 'stealing' a famous brand name:

1-Better brand recall
You are certain you won't forget this name soon, and it definitely won't pass unnoticed.
2-Word-of-mouth marketing
I am living proof that this works. Here I am telling my readers about a random shop in Saida.

It's illegal, it's inconsiderate, it puts your brand identity in jeopardy... Oh, and you might end up in jail.
Ps. I am only writing this post to shed light on some 'only in Lebanon' marketing behaviors. Please do not do this! It is bad. Seriously.


AKD. said...

Lol... What has he selling?

Unknown said...

Hey AKD, phone accessories and some more random things.

Veri kurtarma said...

Thanks for sharing!

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