Saturday, November 24, 2012

Only in Lebanon: Overlooked Policies

There are little things we tend to overlook in Lebanese advertising.

Items like the brand display policy, for reasons that are yet unknown, or perhaps to set a pattern among icons, are blatantly disregarded.

Here's what you will find in Lebanese ads:

...and here are the guidelines for the social media trademarks:


...You judge.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Entrepreneurship Research: Free Access

I just received an email from the Emerald Group. If you do not recall this brand from your college days, let me help: It's that extensive library you found online whenever you needed to do some well-referenced research, a scholarly publisher of journals and books in business and management (one of my favorites personally).

...and here's the good news: they're offering free access to their Journals - Entreprise and Innovation collection in support of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 12 to 18).

Yes, this does mean you do not have access to them right now - although you can have a peak on the titles for now, you will have to wait for November 12 to get access.

This said, I don't quite like the way it is structured, but there's some really interesting articles when it comes to entrepreneurship: gender differences, family business, innovation, SMEs, tech-specific ventures and more (a lot more). 

I also found some Middle East - specific titles:
  • Female entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia: opportunities and challenges
  • Evidence of the characteristics of women entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An empirical investigation
  • Women business owners in the Middle East and North Africa: a five-country research study 

Here's the link; to access the journals use this account:
Username: gew2012access  
Password: enterprise

Do share with me your favorite articles!

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