Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Effective Facebook Ad

No, I am not behind this... and I do not know who is. In fact, I don't have access to the statistics behind it. Yet, I find it quite intriguing and I can bet on its effectiveness. 

What is so good about this ad? 

A Targeted Question

Well, asking a question when you know it suits your targeted audience, works wonders. The audience gets the impression that 'ooh this ad is for me!' Yes, even when aware about ad targeting. 
I assume in the backend ad management settings, this ad is targeting 'engaged' Facebook users only.

A Landing Page

Clearly, the ad makers were not intending to get more Facebook likes; neither did they hope to impress their boss by the number of clicks they receive. They have a landing page well-structured to bring in sale leads. 

Here's the link to their Facebook landing page
Yes, I love marketing when it is well done! 
Don't you?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Social Networks - A Love Story

It all started with a tweet… and why wouldn’t it? Had God intended for two people to meet, the internet makes this job a piece of cake!

Engagement Souvenir - personalized M&Ms with Twitter love birds
I would have argued back then, (i.e. before I dived into Twitter) that you might not have met your soul mate yet, because you have not put yourself in situations suitable enough for the meeting to occur. 

Today, I find it to be nonsense. Everyone is just one click away. Thus, if you did not meet your partner yet, I would blame it on an internal cause rather than an external factor.
Does it sound confusing?

Oh, wait. You don’t believe in soul mates?

Let me break it to you then. I once reached that point. I was going to live on my own. Forever. I was convinced. I wanted to.

"There is plenty of fish out there, and none is perfect for you?" 

Yes, I thought so too. Until I found my perfect match. Back then, nothing other than finding the one could make me believe he existed. I did!

More than two years down that road, one year of being engaged to my tweetheart, and a few months prior to getting married. He’s still as perfect; and I can say with certainty, that there is such a thing as a soul mate.

...And yes, you could find him over the internet too. I can count three people who met their partners for life over the internet - through: Twitter, Facebook and ASmallWorld -  so far.

 Happy Valentine!!

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