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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Effective Facebook Ad

No, I am not behind this... and I do not know who is. In fact, I don't have access to the statistics behind it. Yet, I find it quite intriguing and I can bet on its effectiveness. 

What is so good about this ad? 

A Targeted Question

Well, asking a question when you know it suits your targeted audience, works wonders. The audience gets the impression that 'ooh this ad is for me!' Yes, even when aware about ad targeting. 
I assume in the backend ad management settings, this ad is targeting 'engaged' Facebook users only.

A Landing Page

Clearly, the ad makers were not intending to get more Facebook likes; neither did they hope to impress their boss by the number of clicks they receive. They have a landing page well-structured to bring in sale leads. 

Here's the link to their Facebook landing page
Yes, I love marketing when it is well done! 
Don't you?

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