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Thursday, April 25, 2013

7 Tips to Sell Online Marketing Services

"we are experts in online marketing strategies and solutions" 
He began his email. Yes, online marketing firms are popping up like mushrooms, some of which can be really obnoxious ...and this one just hit a home run!

After having a brief phone conversation where exhibit A of an annoying sales person tries to schedule a meeting in a very aggressive and offending manner - I redirect him to my email inbox. Where, instead of offering a sound business offer, he offends our marketing strategy anyway he could, in order to, well, offer his 'improved' version.. of course, in the meeting he so desires to schedule!

Apparently I have no idea about digital marketing since he offers, as he puts it:
'to expose you more on the online marketing'
...and yet, he claims having done his homework!
'I have some concern about your online lets start by Facebook page' 
He writes.

Here's his sorry excuse of an online strategy:
'the cover loto its not legal as for facebook rules and regulation its not allowed to put your phone number, website links and address' 
News flash: the cover 'loto' can contain any text as long as it is less than 20% of the cover photo.

'As for the Facebook Page state you have only <<inserts a copy-paste of your target's title and top of page insights>>' 
Oh thank you, that was very insightful data. Only to interpret it as he pleases:
'Thats mean not active, not updated and got no welcome page,no interaction and no visitors..... And much much more.... ' 
Seriously, dude? Aside from the totally off-the-wall inaccurate interpretation of the data, he suggests 'a welcome page'? Really? Those things have turned obsolete ages ago (in digital years).

Well, congratulations, you have just inspired a blog post!

Ok, so I am done bashing this email.
Here are a few tips on how to contact a prospect client:
  1. Conduct a background check. You cannot talk to a beginner the same way you do to an expert and vice versa. Get to know your client.
  2. Put yourself in your client's shoes. What works for commodity goods does not necessarily work for B2B. Try to see the world from their perspective, what is it they intend to achieve from their social media?
  3. Review your own strategy BEFORE you advise others. When you have no social media presence, and a very weak unoptimized website, don't expect your client to take you seriously. 
  4.  Do not be offensive. Even if your client has a bad digital marketing strategy, consider being constructive. Compliments will get you further than criticizing, I can guarantee that!
  5. Do not be aggressive. Yes, it is important to be bold when you are a sales person, but when the client is clearly not interested, stop pushing. You will not have any luck at getting the deal, if you do not come off as likeable.
  6. Listen. Unless you have one single rigid solution that you have to push to as many people as you can, stop doing the talking. Listen to your client's needs, ask questions, get answers and only then can you offer a solution.
  7. Offer a solution. By that, I mean a real deal. Make him an offer he cannot refuse. Propose a package with your service and price. Something he can say yes or no to. 
Just my 2cents. Let me know if you have any additional tips to sell digital marketing services!


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