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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4G in Lebanon

4G was launched in Lebanon on May 15, 2013 by Alfa and was soon followed by Touch.

Regardless of your stand: whether you believe it is a big improvement  for Lebanon, or whether you find 4G to be too big of a step for an internet toddler like Lebanon - the idea of having 4G in Lebanon is exciting news.

More Interest in 4G in Lebanon

A quick Google trends search of the term '4G' conducted through Google in 'Lebanon' for the past 12 months, shows us a sudden peak of interest lately. The results are embedded in the graph below.

4G Speed Tests in Lebanon

I was lucky enough to be selected to be among the first in Lebanon to try out the newly launched 4G services from Alfa.

Here are a few tests I have conducted so far OUTSIDE the area officially covered by Alfa! (you will find Alfa's 4G map in this link)

In Dbayeh, Lebanon - 4G speed test:

In Zalka, Lebanon - 4G speed test:

In Hamra, Lebanon - 4G speed test (covered area):

4G Speed Standards

...and if like me, you are curious to see where we stand compared to the international scene, here are the 4G-LTE peaks based on Wikipedia:

Peak download 100 Mbit/s
Peak upload 50 Mbit/s

If you have a 4G dongle and would like to share your location's results with us, please leave a comment.

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