Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In-App Advertising | A Striking Ad

Far from being an expert in the in-app advertising field, I am writing to share one striking in-app ad occurrence. 

Do I believe that in-app advertising is effective? 

The same applies to any advertising medium, it is impossible to make a general statement. 
The variables that come into play as to the success of in-app advertising are endless. 

Yet... They Made Me Click!

 I rarely ever notice in-app ads. They're usually in a covert 'discarded' part of the screen; at least that's what my brain is trained to think. 

Those ads were different. 

Somehow, they mimicked familiar images, brands and colors (copyrighting, anyone?). 

As a new user of this application, I did not know what was part of the design... and so I clicked. 

When it comes to in-app ads, you know you have clicked the wrong button, as soon as you get redirected!

...and so I clicked, and did not wait to see the brand behind the ad.  

To date, I am not quite sure whether the advertiser was genius for making me click or foolish for not benefiting from any exposure.
...and I cannot help but wonder if other people act differently in similar situations. 

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